Private mindfulness sessions.....

We provide one-on-one sessions in a calm and relaxed environment for those who cannot commit to an 8 week course or those who find groups challenging and prefer a more individual approach. 

These sessions allow for flexibility and can be specifically designed around your needs, whether you are experiencing depression, anxiety, stress, emotional difficulties, chronic pain, long term health conditions, sleep problems or for anyone would like to learn more about mindfulness and experience its life changing benefits.

We begin with an initial session of an hour to discuss your needs and articulate both content and schedule that are tailored to you. We are not restricted to helping you learn mindfulness with one of the eight week programs.

Benefits of one-on-one sessions:

  • learn how to increase self-awareness and well-being
  • confidentiality and privacy during the sessions
  • sessions tailored around your own individual needs
  • the ability to ask questions relevant to your own needs
  • more in depth support
  • work at your own pace
  • more flexibility
  • the ability to be yourself in a safe, nurturing environment


For further research into the clinical and health benefits of mindfulness, click here

What is involved?

Together we can work through one of the Breathworks 8 week mindfulness courses on a one-to-one basis. Usually this is done eight times over a time period to suit you. If you prefer to learn mindfulness in a more flexible way to suit your needs we are happy to meet and discuss this with you.

If you chose one of the signature Breathworks® 8-week courses, we work through the weekly sessions together and reflect on the home practice. Between each weekly session, you have time for personal practice and homework, this is how the benefits take hold. Expect 15 to 20 minutes of daily commitment.

Each session of the eight week format is 90 minutes, covering the theme for each week of the course, reflecting, understanding home practice and exploring in more depth your experience of the practices at home. There is a one time fee of $50 for the Course Books, Workbook and audio files.

Fee: $70 an hour, $95 for 90 minute session, discount for multiple sessions.