Breathworks® Mindfulness for Stress - 4 week course or 8 week course

Modern life can often feel difficult and overwhelming. Work pressures, anxiety, family responsibilities, difficult relationships, feeling depressed, physical problems and many other causes can result in high levels of stress. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by the feelings and thoughts that result from these things, we can learn to manage them and change the way we react to difficulties as well as learn new ways of responding to sources of stress.

Discover effective mindfulness-based strategies to understand the stress cycle, to reduce the feeling of stress in your life, help manage difficult situations, sensations, moods and feelings. Relief from stress and anxiety enhance well-being and enable you to feel more relaxed and in charge of your life, and to live more fully and freely.

The "Mindfulness for Stress" course can help you to:

  • use the breath and present moment awareness to reduce stress
  • become more resilient or "stress-hardy" by practicing mindfulness in everyday life
  • learn how to work mindfully with tension in the body that may be making stress worse
  • use compassion for yourself and others to help you develop stability and a sense of perspective even when things are difficult
  • develop a personal mindfulness practice to continue to support and care for yourself in the future 

Support and guidance throughout the course will help you to integrate your practice intoyour daily routine. All participants are asked for the duration of the course to undertake a daily practice, six days a week, recommended 30 minutes. This commitment will ensure that you get the maximum benefit from course.

This course is suitable for anyone experiencing stress and its profound impact on daily life, health and relationships. Courses are limited to a maximum of 12 participants.

  • The 8-week course classes are 2:30 hours each.
  • The 4-week course classes consists of 3 Sunday afternoon sessions of 4 hours and a Sunday day retreat of 7 hours/classes are held every other week. This is ideal for someone who can't schedule 8 weeks in a row.

Fee: $300 - includes 20+ hours of instruction, practice workbook and downloadable links for meditation (CDs available at an additional charge) as well as ongoing support throughout the course.

We have two partial scholarships available, contact Anne Arntson.